Go ahead, celebrate but stay responsible

Staff Editorial

Homecoming Week is officially upon us and along with wearing blue to celebrate school spirit; many students are taking it upon themselves to go the extra mile to welcome in homecoming.

What better, stereotypical way to ring in homecoming than chugging gallons of booze and getting blackout drunk everyday of the week until Sunday rolls around and half of us cannot even remember when Monday started and the weekend ended.

It never fails, every year during Homecoming Week the highlight of every night is how packed the bars can get, how many students do not show up for class and how much homework and studying does not get done.

It is almost a tradition on every college campus for students to drown themselves in swill beer and brain-cell-killing booze all for the sake of sweet anticipation for the annual Homecoming Weekend.

It is almost as if students are preparing for the intense and what could memorable parties if, you know, we could remember them.

Why suffer the next day with a killer hangover? Why sacrifice your grades for the sake of a good time?

Of course, there is absolutely no way to tell students to put down the red solo cup and pick up their textbook instead and we are not going to bother trying.

However, what we do advise is that if our fellow peers want to celebrate with the only way they how, then by all means drink away, so long as you finish your work before hand.

There is no denying that if plenty of students decide to party every night of the week then their homework is most likely left incomplete and they are going to their classes either still drunk or with a killer hangover that could bring Goliath to his knees.

We have all been there but there is no benefit to anyone to drink until you forget your last name.

But, if you do choose to drink then by all means you are an adult and can make big boy and girl decisions. Just remember, part of being a “grown up” is deciding to party and have fun after everything is said and done.

Make time early in the day to finish work or study and plan out all your assignments so you know what you have to do before 9 p.m. hits.

Also drink in moderation. You not only avoid a hangover, you also save money on overpriced and under poured drinks.

Celebrating homecoming week with excessive drinking is not worth missing a week of school.

After all, you, or your parents, are paying out of the “you know what” for a college education.