Sean Says: Show up for dodgeball, Kyle!

Sean Hastings, Sports Editor

Kyle is at it again. And this time, what he did means war. From the 4 a.m. fire alarm to the staining of our carpet because he spilled a crockpot, to waking me up at 1 a.m., this is by far the worst thing he has done.

Worst part was, he thought we were all joking with him. Man, was he wrong.

My friends and I had our intramural dodgeball game Tuesday night, just as we had for the previous two weeks. No surprises there.

We had to win this game to make the playoffs, and to be honest, Kyle was one of our better players. He caught anything that came his way and is a vital part of the team. Or was, I should say.

All day we were talking in our group chat about our big game that night. My friend Devin and I also talked to Kyle in person about the game that night and the importance of it.

Our team was fired up. We were there early warming up a bit and everyone was there except Kyle.

For a little while, I just assumed he was moving at typical Kyle pace— slow and with little-to-no motivation to reach his intended destination.

It started cutting way too close to game time, so I gave Kyle a call. A few rings, then my call was ignored.

This warranted a few, we will call them, not-so-friendly text messages to be sent to Kyle. Still nothing.

Our team was livid. Where was Kyle? Eventually we had to bite the bullet and play with one less man on the court.

Kyle never showed up to our dodgeball game. The one that if we won, would send us to the playoffs. And he had no care in the world for us. Some teammate. Heck, some roommate you are, KP.

Long story short, since I am still pretty mad about this day, we lost the best-of-five series in five games. And without one of our best players, Kyle.

We continued our rants at Late Night Pizza in Thomas, when speak of the devil, Kyle calls.

“What’s up, bro,” is how he opens the conversation. Are you kidding me? “Sup bro?”

You do not show up to the dodgeball game that we were talking about all day, did not even bother to say that you were not going to show up nonetheless.

Kyle’s excuse? “Sorry man, I got tired and took a four-hour nap.”

Save the excuses for someone who someone who is willing to listen and believe that garbage. You let your team down, Kyle. Worst yet, you let down seven of your best friends.

When I got back to our apartment, I let him hear it, and all I got was laughs and empty apologies. Apology was not accepted.

I know it was only an intramural dodgeball game, but it was not. That was the most competitive thing that the eight of us were involved in.

I do not think I have ever been so angry with Kyle, and he has a long list of things that he has done for me to be mad. He just skipped the game and did not tell anyone and with no care in the world.

I do not think I need to even fire off any advice at anyone saying that you should show up for things that you commit to. But I guess I do for Kyle. Unacceptable.


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