Review: ‘Wonder Woman’ is non-traditional, still impressive

Mary Ellen Greenburg, Staff Reporter

During its opening weekend, “Wonder Woman earned $233 million, giving it the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a movie with a female director.

The movie, set during World War II, shows that it deserves this success from the start. Wonder Woman” is one of the better-done superhero movies in years.

Even though the movie veers away from the superheroine’s traditional colors, the title character still has her bracelets and her lasso.

This new look fits the movie’s setting and makes it look more realistic. The characters are cast well and have a lot of chemistry together.

While traditionalists and die-hard fans might not like some of the changes made to the Wonder Woman mythos, the movie was clearly made to attract a new generation of fans.

The special effects are well done and do not distract viewers from the movie’s plot.

While I am normally a Marvel fan, I cannot help but enjoy this fresh take on a superhero film. This time around, DC is giving Marvel a run for its money.

Even some of the actors who portray Marvel’s superheroes on the big screen, including Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor and Mark Ruffalo, who plays Hulk, gave the movie and lead actress Gal Gadot rave reviews.

Gadot, an Israeli actress, martial artist and model, dons the bracelets and lasso to take on the superhero persona of an Amazonian warrior goddess.

People have been anxiously waiting to see how well Gadot could portray the iconic superheroine since she first turned up as Wonder Woman in last year’s big DC superhero showdown flick, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Godot lives up to the hype she has received for this monumental role.