Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau and Delta Zeta win second Tugs round


Jason Howell

Members of Alpha Sigma Tau’s tugs team battle against Delta Delta Delta on Wednesday at the Campus Pond. Alpha Sigma Tau defeated Delta Delta Delta with a time of 2:10.

Shadezja Garrett, Contributing Writer

Not even the heavy downpour of rain could dull competitor’s spirits at Tugs Wednesday afternoon.

Sororities Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau and Delta Zeta won their rounds and will move on to the final day of Tugs on Friday. Mark Galvan, a senior kinesiology and sports studies major and member of Sigma Nu, coached Sigma Sigma Sigma this year and was happy about the team’s performance against Kappa Delta.

“They were amazing,” Galvan said. “They took everything we did in training and applied it perfectly. When it was time to compete, they were focused and ready.”

Having participated in Tugs for the last three years with Sigma Nu, Galvan was ready to share his methods when asked to coach. He told his team that participating in the competition is a yearlong commitment. “The training is only half the battle. These girls have to stay in shape for such a physically demanding contest,” Galvan said. “I feel that’s what makes the event that much more grand. Greeks, students, teachers, they all come out and see the excitement. This is the one event that everyone goes to.”

Kayla Cook, a senior recreation administration major and the Tugs captain for Sigma Sigma Sigma, agreed that Tugs is the most exciting event of the week, but also said the same feeling is reciprocated in other Greek Week festivities.

“Ask an Airbander the same question and I’m sure they would say Airband was the most exciting,” Cook said. “It’s just that with Tugs, it’s not the easiest event, so I do see it as a pretty impressive thing when people do Tugs.”

Cook learned that participating in Tugs can help build strong leadership skills and it pushes people to their limits.

“The girls that participate in Tugs are usually strong-willed and stubborn and that makes them amazing Tuggers, but it makes it very hard to guide them in a certain direction,” Cook said.

Galvan said members like this exist on every team. “They weren’t that accepting to authority, especially from someone they may not know too well,” Galvan said. “I just had to keep a respect level for them as they did for me, while assuring them that I’m here to help them win. We had a mutual understanding of hard work and work ethic. They give it their all, and I’ll give it my all.”

Both Cook and Galvan could feel the energy around Campus Pond.

“The energy before getting in the lane to tug is like no other. It’s a combination of nerves, excitement and a little bit of anxiety,” Cook said.

Galvan said he had a serious, focused vibe going into Tugs. “I more so felt it from my team being so focused and ready to win,” he said.

Tyler Stoklosa, a sophomore secondary education major and member of Sigma Chi, does not have previous experience in Tugs, but felt his first coaching job with Alpha Sigma Tau proved promising with their win over Delta Delta Delta. “I felt we exceeded expectations. The girls had textbook form and (gave) their all into the tug today. I was extremely proud of their performance,” Stoklosa said.

Emily Mooneyham, a senior psychology major and member of Delta Zeta, said the women will go into the next round of Tugs on Friday like they have all season.

“Never give up and never back down. My girls will give it their all every time they step in that lane,” Mooneyham said.


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