Committee report opposes philosophy elimination

Jason Hardimon, Staff Reporter

The Academic Program Elimination/Reorganization Review Committee met for the last time Monday to discuss an almost-finished draft of the committee’s report reviewing the philosophy department.

In the report, the committee opposed eliminating the program, writing that the philosophy department is sustainable and is crucial to the university’s mission.

Committee chair Richard Jones, a communication studies professor, led the members of the committee as it discussed each section of the report – planning where to consolidate, reword and clarify.

Much of the committee’s discussion concerned which course the committee would take regarding its evaluation of comments made by Workgroup no. 7, which looked at academic programs during the vitalization project.

The committee members agreed that either they should discuss the comments where they relate to each section or address them in a new section.

Jones said that perhaps all the comments were not worth responding to.

“Why should we do more work on a four-word comment than they did?” Jones said.

John Emmett, a representative from the College of Education and Professional Studies, addressed Jones’ question.

“We still want to make it clear that we are addressing Workgroup no. 7’s points,” Emmett said. “I mean, (Provost) Blair Lord’s letter to us was based on Workgroup no. 7’s comments.”

The committee agreed that to reference Workgroup no. 7’s comments in a new section potentially titled, “Additional Findings” might be the best choice.

Jones and Jeanne Okrasinski, an at-large member of the committee, suggested the committee consider adding an appendix to its report and the members agreed.

Each member of the committee also agreed to read over the report and make final changes this week before the report is submitted to Lord Friday.

The final draft of Academic Program Elimination/Reorganization Review Committee’s report will be made public following its submission.

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