New RSO, Creatives, coming to campus

Loren Dickson, Entertainment Reporter


Creatives: The College Talent and Entrepreneur Agency, a new registered student organization, will host its first talent/award show 7 p.m.  Tuesday in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

In this organization, students are able to put on their own events, show their brands and promote their talent.

Tylen Elliott, the president of Creatives and a senior communication studies major said the point of this organization is to foster student talent and give creative students and entrepreneurs an outlet for their ideas.

Creatives is open to all students who have a talent or passion they would like to express.

This organization includes photographers, videographers, fashion designers, singers, dancers and more.

“We’re still in the beginning stages, we want to see what other talent we can bring in,” Elliott said.

Andrianna Fullerton, the vice president of Creatives, said this organization is a way for creative people to come together and to build on their individual talents.

Fullerton said she got involved because Elliott noticed her work ethic and he thought she would be a good fit.

“If people want to put on an event, they can come to us,” Fullerton said.

Fullerton said Tuesday’s awards show is a great way to bring everyone together and have fun.

She said those who go can expect something different from what they have seen at Eastern before.

“Some awards that will be handed out are funniest student, lasting impression, fraternity/sorority of the year, athlete of the year and many more,” Elliott said.

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