‘Walk for a Cause’ to raise money for cancer research

Chrissy Miller, Campus Reporter

Dustin McMillan, a sophomore pre-engineering major, said he was inspired by the events organizations put on during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and decided he had to help support the cause.

The Newman Center is holding their first annual “Walk for the Cure” 9 a.m. Saturday at the Thomas Woodall Panther Trail. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Pavilion.

“I like running and other people like running.” McMillan said. “Besides a 5K, a little jog around the Panther Trail wouldn’t be too much.”

Another major inspiration for McMillan was his participation in the Illinois 5K all throughout high school. McMillan said the walk will be a bit shorter than the race and will be a little under 2 miles. The race has been a month in the making with preparation including making posters, making registration papers, finding a place and general organization of the race.

Although donating $5 is recommended to participate, it is not required, McMillan said.

“People can show up to walk if they don’t have $5, it’s just a suggested donation of 5,” McMillan said. “I would be happy to get a $100 to donate; if not, just any amount to donate to Sarah Lincoln Bush Cancer Center would be perfect.”

Campus Minister Doris Nordin said McMillan’s drive to make this race a reality inspired her. Along with advising McMillan on how to put the race together, Nordin said she plans to participate in the walk.

“I want to be part of it,” Nordin said. “I have participated. We at the Newman Center have put other run-walks together, but in this case, we have never done something for Cancer research. So, I think its’s very kind on his part to think about it.”

Nordin said she is happy to offer support for MacMillan as he worked on this project.

“When we walk it’s as if in some way we are showing solidarity with the people we are helping. They are in a journey of illness or in a journey of poverty or a journey of violence,” Nordin said. “When you walk, it shows that we are not just standing by, but we are walking with them. It’s like we are walking their walk.”

Nordin says she hopes a lot of people will come to help raise money for a great cause and show people struggling with this illness and their families that they are not alone in the struggle against this vicious disease.

“Many of us have some family member who is ill of cancer so it’ll be great to show some solidarity, compassion, and support,” Nordin said.

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