Study Abroad Fair helps students broaden horizons

Alleluia Musabyimana, a junior sociology major, signs up for emails from University Studies Abroad Consortium during the Study Abroad Fair Tuesday in the University Ballroom.

Janet Pernell, Multicultural Reporter

After studying abroad at the University of Westminster in London, United Kingdom, Kevin Cox said he thinks London is the best city in the world.

As a representative for Eastern’s Study Abroad program in the United Kingdom, Cox tried to get students to take the same opportunity at the Study Abroad Fair Tuesday.

People came together to represent foreign countries and universities to advertise upcoming Study Abroad programs.

Students gathered around tables to talk to representatives from each program.

Programs at the Study Abroad Fair ranged from ones sponsored by foreign universities, ones that focused on specific majors and programs led by Eastern faculty members.

On tables there was information about different countries with descriptions on what it is like to live in them. The information included facts about the countries, pictures, courses the universities offered and the cost of the program.

Hannah Miller, a representative for the Costa Rican hospitality program, said it is run through the Council for International Educational Exchange.

Miller said the program is a way for students to discover more cultural information about their major.

“They get to explore different hotels and things within their major when they go to Costa Rica,” Miller said.

Richard Flight, representing Azerbaijan’s study abroad program, said the country is a great place for people to go.

Flight went to Azerbaijan back in May and said the capital, Baku, is a very integrated city.

“There is a vibrant, exciting, growing environment,” Flight said. “It’s a blend of a very old culture with new cultures.”

Flight said he hopes students can learn more about places others have seen.

“I hope (students) learn a little bit more about the world that they live in,” Flight said. “There are a lot of places, many of which you’ve heard of and many of which you haven’t.”

Federico Yih, a representative for Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica, said a lot of students who come are from the United States.

Yih said students who study abroad at Universidad Veritas can stay with local families.

A psychologist is available at the school for those who get homesick while staying with these families.

Yih said Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

“Costa Rica, it’s very small, you get to know a lot of different places on the country,” Yih said. “It’s one of the safest countries in Latin America. It’s a small country but very welcoming.”

Yih said Costa Rica is easy to navigate and people get adjusted well.

“Since it’s very small, you get to know a lot of different places on the country,” Yih said. “Some of the students get to know the country more than we do.”

Monica Burney, a representative for the German study abroad program, said the program is offered to all people and is a great experience.

The program is faculty-led and participants go around Germany as a group.

Burney said her experience consisted of spending a week and a half in Berlin and a week and a half in Munich. She also went to different German memorials during her time studying abroad.

Burney said students will have a great experience in a different country.

“I hope that they take this into consideration because it’s amazing,” Burney said. “You learn a lot.”


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