Editorial: Civil servants should care for constituents

Staff Editorial

When an individual is in power, they have the ability to either be inspirational and loved by all or be the bane of everyone’s existence.

Of course, what makes this land so great is that we the people have the ability to vote in who we want to be in power based on the belief that the individual can deliver our messages and grievances to those who are higher up on totem pole and can do their job in a non-corrupt sort of way.

So when we elect an official into power, we expect them to look out for us, to take care of us, to answer our questions, to incorporate our concerns into their plans of action, but most importantly to be responsible for those actions.

Regrettably, it is apparent that this belief is only an ideal and those people who we voted into office, especially our current state representative, have neglected their power and ignored our demands especially for a state budget.

The staff at The Daily Eastern News feel that our elected representative has done the exact opposite of what he promised he would do in terms of defending this university and its occupants and of fighting for the funding we desperately need and deserve.

We also feel that by pointing a grimy finger at an organization that has done more for this university and its students by mustering the hope that has held this university together is not only irresponsible, but is also extremely tacky.

An individual in power who takes his job seriously and wants to remain in power does not say one thing then make an about face and say another.

That same individual also does not bad mouth an organization, such as Fund EIU, which helped motivate students to get involved and fight for a budget.

However, we believe he is not wrong for voicing his opinion or possessing the opinion because we live in an open market place of ideas.

What we feel is wrong is his blatant disregard for an organization that helped the students of a university he claims to adore and care for feel proud enough to car pool to Springfield and Chicago to rally for a budget.

We want a representative who is honest, transparent and tenacious and will fight for our university and defend the organizations that boost morale and not turn his constituents into his enemies.