Review “Don’t Breathe”

Jordan Hale, Staff Reporter

he poster for the film "Don't Breathe" that premeired August 25, 2016.
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he poster for the film “Don’t Breathe” that premeired August 25, 2016.

(Read at your own risk, review has content that spoils the plot)

When heading in to see this movie, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

The previews were vague and gave a run-around of what the actual premise of the film was.

I had the general idea covered, but I had no clue what I was about to get myself into.

The movie started by introducing the three main characters as Rocky, Money, and Alex.

Everything is kicked off by showing the three kids doing a “job” or committing a robbery of a house nearby.

Alex’s father owns a security company, thus giving the kids an advantage to the houses they want to rob. The only girl in the group, Rocky, was who had the most backstory.

Rocky had a little sister and a neglectful mother.

Her motive for the robberies is to get enough money to take herself and little sister to California.

Money, Rocky’s boyfriend, introduces the group to job involving a war veteran who is believed to be sitting on a large sum of money.

The story explained the man’s daughter was hit and killed by a car, and the driver got off scot-free with no jail time.

A $300,000 settlement was awarded to the man. The three stake out the area and watch the man at his house for several hours.

They realize that he is the only person still living in a house in this particular neighborhood.

They also realize something that might work to their advantage: the man is blind.

Money tells the group that the house is secured by the company Alex’s dad works for.

The kids go back to the house and try to use the keys Alex brought them to enter through the front door.

The door has several locks on it, not just the lock provided by the security company.

They walk around the house and notice a window and send Rocky in first.

Not much happens before the kids enter the house, but as soon as they get inside, the action starts.

The three begin looking around the main floor of the house in cabinets and drawers for the money.

Money sets off a homemade “knockout gas” bomb in the man’s room and comes back down stairs to join the others.

He assures them that the man will stay asleep in his room.

As the kids are looking around, Rocky happens to glance over and see the man standing in the doorway of the room they are in.

Money makes himself known and ultimately gets himself killed.

Rocky and Alex are hiding at this point, trying not to make any noise as to alert the man that there are more people in his house.

Rocky discovers the money and the two head down into the basement. In the basement, they make a gruesome discovery which really had my heart racing at this point. After Money is killed, the movie moves into a state of continuous suspense and stress.

I was so nervous at every twist and turn. The movie is not considered a horror movie, but there are some big jumps and scares throughout.

Once the man realizes that there is more than one person in the house, he begins hunting, and Alex and Rocky have to fight hard to escape someone they thought was going to be an easy target. The plot takes an unexpected and terrifying twist that kept me up the night.

The only complaint I had is that I wish there was a bit more backstory of the three main characters, but there was so much action, I doubt there was any time to put more in to the film. I highly recommend checking this film out if you like intense thrillers.

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