Editorial: Help us understand the plan

Staff Editorial

At his State of the University Address, President David Glassman, the forerunner for supporting students, faculty and Eastern itself, mentioned his plans to remedy the challenges the university now faces as a result of the incompetent State to pass a full budget as well as to be “transparent” with the university community.

However, what does being transparent mean? Is it being completely honest with students and faculty when it comes to such remedies and the budgeting efficiency of the university or is it sending us to a website without further explanation?

Though we know Glassman is trying to help the university community understand the need to plan for a “strategic solution to vitalize the campus” we at The Daily Eastern News feel that he failed at helping the university understand his Vitalization Project.

Glassman said the project is meant to be consolidated and transparent; however he presented a vague description that would have been more transparent if he gave a better explanation of the project rather than sending us to the website and choosing to not answer questions at the end of his address.

While the Internet is a nifty tool to acquire knowledge and dispense such knowledge to the general population, the university community deserves more time to ask questions and have the right to hear those questions answered from the president’s mouth.