Column: Men’s soccer struggling to score points

Mark Shanahan, Assistant Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team lacked offense in their two games to begin the season this past weekend.

This may be a common theme throughout the season for this team. They scored one goal in each game and they were both the result of a penalty kick. Just like last season, they were close in most of their games, but have not been able to get that goal to tie or give them the lead.

Director of soccer Kiki Lara has not been afraid to play freshmen as he started three newcomers in the season opener. The Panthers should have won against Northern Kentucky since they had more shots on goal and opportunities that they couldn’t take advantage of.

They also had a fair share of opportunities against Milwaukee as they had four shots on goal compared to Milwaukee’s five. If they can’t start scoring in regular time then it is going to be another long season for the Panthers.

Last season, Eastern averaged less than one goal per game, while their opponents were averaging more than two goals a game against them. If that trend is going to continue then they may be finding themselves on the wrong side of each game. They were also shutout in nine matches last year.

This team still has what it takes to have a good season because it has only been two games. Since there are many new faces playing, they need to get a few more games together to build up chemistry. They gave themselves some opportunities so if they can capitalize they will start winning games.

So far it’s senior Davis Wegmann that has given the Panthers some hope on offense. He leads the team with three shots on goal. He is tied with junior Justin Oliver with one goal apiece. Both of their goals were on penalty kicks. Eastern has played 19 players already, so Lara is trying many different combinations to get the offense rolling.

Eastern still has plenty of time to fix things up before they begin conference play.

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