Eastern has guidelines on dealing with an active shooter emergency

Jason Howell, Editor-in-Chief

Red and black books located in every classroom on campus outline the measures faculty and students should take during emergencies, including an active shooter.

These steps include immediately clearing hallways, locking and barricading doors if unable to safely exit the building, silencing cell phones and placing signed in windows to identify the location of injured people.

Sgt. Ryan Risinger of the University Police Department said training hosted by the Charleston Police Department has been conducted within the past few months at some of the local schools on response to an active incident.

The last time a drill occurred on campus was in 2012 and is not planned for the current fiscal year.

“There are many other entities involved in this type of training and there is also an added expense,” he said. “However, after the new budgets have been approved, this type of training may be considered in the future.”

Should an emergency occur, the university has numerous ways of keeping the campus community aware.

One way, Alert EIU, allows anyone with a valid e-number to sign up for alerts sent to their cell phone via text message.

This is in addition to the public address system which allows messages to be broadcast across campus as well as email and campus media.

The decision to initiate an alert is made by the Chief of Police or his/her designee.

The emergency handbook can be found online.


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