Alpha Phi Alpha joins Fund EIU cause

Janet Pernell, Staff Reporter

The men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity are taking a stand with the Fund EIU movement by raising awareness in a new campaign.
The men of Alpha Phi Alpha have come up with the idea to write letters directly to Gov. Bruce Rauner, calling their campaign “Collateral Damage.”

“Collateral Damage” has been in place for three weeks now. Every Wednesday, they go to different locations on campus and set up a writing station for students to write their letters. They plan to set the writing station from noon to 2 p.m. this Wednesday up outside of Coleman Hall.

Their campaign will take place until the end of the semester.

Phillip Love and Pleasant Singleton, members of Alpha Phi Alpha, said writing letters is a more effective way to get voices heard compared to tagging Rauner in a post online.

Singleton said he suggested directly mailing the letters to Rauner’s house as a way for the letters to hit home.

“I definitely think we are doing a big, big help,” Singleton said. “We are also here to give a helping hand to the campus.”

While the campaign is still taking place, Alpha Phi Alpha has received support from other organizations in the “Devine 9” and outside organizations as well.

So far, the “Collateral Damage” campaign has been successful in getting student letters. The goal was to receive more than 100 letters to deliver, and so far, Alpha Phi Alpha has received more than 250.

The campaign has had some difficulties as well over the past few weeks. Love said the hardest part is getting students to understand that this is their university and something everyone should be concerned about.

Love said his goal for the campaign is to hear a response back from Rauner.

“We say we love EIU as much as we do, but we must protect our school,” Love said. “This is not only something for us but for other generations.”

Singleton said his goal for the campaign is to let everyone’s voice be heard.

“Seeing everyone take action on what needs to be done because simply this school is basically all that’s left in Charleston,” Singleton said. “Without this school, business around Charleston probably wouldn’t be what they are now.”


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