International spring festival set for Saturday

Janet Pernell, Staff Reporter

Colorful mists of dye will be thrown throughout the Library Quad at this year’s Holi celebration.

Holi is a spring festival that is normally celebrated in India. The normal day for Holi has already passed, but it will still be celebrated from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

The Office of Minority Affairs will be bringing the event to campus and the Indian Student Association is sponsoring it. Evan Lohmann, coordinator of the study abroad program, said Holi is the welcoming of spring.

“It’s a time for people to start over new and squash any differences with people you may have,” Lohmann said.

Holi has been at Eastern for the last few years and students have requested it.

Another reason why Holi returns to campus is because Eastern has a high number of Indian international students, Lohmann said.

“Since Indians make up make up the largest international population at Eastern, this is a way to bring their culture here,” Lohmann said. “Whether Eastern did it here on campus or not, our Indian students would still put on the event.”

During Holi, colored powder will be thrown and water bottles will distributed to drink or to soak others in water first to create a base for the powder to stick.

It is suggested for students to come dressed in old clothing or something that they can get dirty in.

Krishna Thomas, chair of the Asian Heritage Month committee, said it is best to come in a white or lightly colored shirt in order for the dye to be exposed.

Thomas said there would also be hit songs from Bollywood playing in the Library Quad.

“I think what’s great about (Holi) is the excitement in generates. It’s a great way to celebrate spring,” Thomas said.

People from all over town, as well as those from Eastern, come to this event to celebrate.

They even bring children to the event to join in.

“It’s about bringing everyone together and integrating with international focus,” Lohmann said. “This is such a fun event that gets everyone involved.”

Thomas said the event is exhilarating and is a symbol of new life.

“It’s a symbol of a rite of passage,” Thomas said.

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