GLAM Replay to return to Eastern

Janet Pernell, Staff Reporter

Glamourizing Ladies and Men modeling, or GLAM, will host a free fashion show called Replay at 7 p.m. Friday, March 25 in the University Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The event will be set up like a play mixed in with a fashion show. As GLAM is a modeling organization at Eastern, people in the show will act out traveling back in time and perform scenes from shows that were put on in Eastern’s past.

The scenes will tell a story and present how GLAM has changed over time.

Nia Douglas, secretary of GLAM, said planning the event so far has involved looking at old video clips from YouTube and deciding on which scenes are the best to reenact for the show.

“This is one of our biggest shows because of the history and planning that went into it,” Douglas said.

The staff members of GLAM are having auditions until Thursday.

Anyone interested in auditioning should come to the Lawson Hall basement at 7:10 p.m. with a two pairs of heels, a wedged heel and a stiletto heel.

People participating in auditions should come dressed in leggings and a tank top. Auditions will be no more than 30 minutes and walk-ins are accepted.

“We cater to those who are shy and not confident in themselves. They usually build up the confidence to come out and try out and we build up on top of that,” Douglas said. “GLAM’s main mission is to build confidence and break people out of their shells so that they can become the person they really want to be.”

GLAM is not picky when it comes to selecting models for the show. Janai Cooks, president of GLAM, said GLAM is about having unity, diversity and the vision to empower and welcome everyone.

“We want to elevate their self-esteem and confidence within themselves. It plays a really big role,” Cooks said. “We accept models of all shapes and sizes. We’re really big on diversity. We never want them to feel uncomfortable.”

Each staff member is willing to help the models become better at their technique during practice. In practice, models will also be assisted with how to handle modeling in the actual industry.

“We believe in you. No matter how rough your walk may be, we know we can shape you up. We know we can give you the key elements of a model in the actual industry.” Cooks said. “If you were to go to an actual agency, they’ll say ‘Oh someone was working with you.’”

During the show, members of the audience will have a chance to interact with the people putting the show together. There will be a chance for the audience to show their talents as well.

There will also be a challenge called “Walk Like a Model.”

Members of the audience will have to participate on the stage and give their best walk, like that of a model.

“This gives other students on campus an opportunity to showcase their talents to the university,” Douglas said. “The atmosphere is very welcoming, we’re like a family, we don’t discriminate. We take anybody in from any race, religion, sexual orientation, we do not care and we try to fit it to make sure everyone is comfortable.”

Members of GLAM are seeking for someone at Eastern to host the show along with Miss Black EIU 2016.

“Our goal is to just show up and show out,” Douglas said. “GLAM is here to stay and this is our history.”


Janet Pernell can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]