UB to have Valentine’s Day event

Janet Pernell, Staff Reporter

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the University Board will host a free event called “Stuff-A-Bear,” a workshop similar to the store “Build-A-Bear Workshop.”

The event will take place at 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union University Ballroom.

This event will have the things students need to build their very own furry best friend whether it is for themselves, a friend or their boyfriend or girlfriend.

The workshop will have stuffed animal skins, stuffing, birth certificates, and hearts.

The event will have various animals like elephants, turtles, black Labrador dogs, cheetahs, camouflage bears and furry brown bears.

Normally at Build-A-Bear Workshop, customers have assistants at every station doing most of the work for them.

“Stuff-A-Bear,” is more of a “do it yourself” event. Participants will stuff their own bear to their liking and dress it. The stuffed animals will only be provided with a t-shirt that says “Will U B My Valentine?”

There will be no pants, shoes, or other accessories.

During the event, there will be a drawing for one winner to win a 6-foot tall teddy bear. The bear will be naked and will not come with a t-shirt like the small ones.

A member of the UB will be around to pass out raffle tickets for students to fill out their name and phone number on the back of it. At the end of the event, the winner will be announced. If someone wins and misses their name being called, the University Board will call them with the provided phone number on the ticket. People may still participate in the drawing if they do not make a bear or stay all the way through the event.

There will be different kinds of fruits, Rice Krispies Treats, marshmallows, sugar cookies, a chocolate fountain, and other various Valentine’s themed snacks.

There will also be a chance to give a “Crush” soda to your crush.

This is a first come, first serve based event and there is only a certain amount of stuffed animals.

Aaliyah Stephen, special events coordinator of the UB, said a high volume of people have been speaking about this event.

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