‘The Boy’ doesn’t live up to the scares

Luis Martinez, News Editor

The recent horror film, “The Boy,” promises to have a unique take on the genre, but it failed to live up to expectations in terms of actual scares delivered.

There are very few rare horror movies these days that are actually scary and are actually worth seeing, but I thought this film deserved a shot.

When I first heard about the movie, I will admit that I thought it would be a bad movie, but when the trailers came out for the film, I decided that it might actually be a sleeper hit, but I was let down.

Not to take anything away from the film, there were a couple good points and a really good twist in the film, but it was not enough to save the film.

The film is about Greta, an American woman, played by Lauren Cohan of “The Walking Dead,” travels to be a nanny for a British household.
She is in charge of taking care of a porcelain doll named Brahms.
While the movie is somewhat similar to “Annabelle,” the acting and the scenes have less paranormal aspects and more of a suspense feel to it.
While it lacks in terms of scary moments, I thought some of the acting was pretty good.
The film takes a while to pick up before anything scary starts to happen, and most of the film’s scares were shown in the trailers leading up to the film’s release, which should have been a huge red flag for the characters in the beginning.
The big twist comes towards the end of the film, which I thought was way too late to do.
When I went to see the film on opening night, a lot of the scares came mostly from the reactions from the people in the packed theater room.
It was not the best horror film, but it was also far from the worst.
It took a risk of telling a different story with similar elements other horror films have used in recent years, but it still fell just sort of being a good horror film.
Like almost all horror films, the ending was left ambiguous and almost certainly hinted at a possible sequel, or in this case a possible prequel, but personally I do not see how they can make another movie about this story.
Much like the Saw series, Friday the 13th series and the Nightmare on Elm Street series, multiple sequels do not make for good films.
Overall, “The Boy” had its moments where I thought it was going to be a good film and the twist was really unexpected and almost turned the whole film around to the point where it probably could have made my list of one of my all-time favorite horror movies, but it fell short.
It’s not a film that I would pay to see again, but if it ever comes on TV and I wanted to kill some time, I would see it again.
If you guys are looking to scare yourself or your friends to death, then this probably is not the movie to see.
If you guys are looking to watch something to kill some time, then I would recommend checking this film out.

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