Editorial: Find an RSO to join at Pantherpalooza

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Organized by the vice president for student affairs in student government, Pantherpalooza takes place on campus twice a year. In the fall, you’ll find more than 100 organizations lining the sidewalks in the South Quad.

During the spring semester, it is in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union, with booths spread out between the Grand Ballroom and the Alumni Lounge. At Pantherpalooza, students can find organizations to join and be a part of.

No matter what you are interested in, there’s more than likely a group that will catch your eye. Whether it’s academic, service-oriented, social, multicultural, religious, honorary or athletic, there’s a group for you.

If you find yourself constantly binge-watching Netflix because you have nothing else to do on a weeknight, join a Registered Student Organization or other on-campus group.

Walking around Pantherpalooza Wednesday, you’ll find more than 118 different organizations waiting to tell you more about what they do and how to join.

Whether it’s the Astronomy Club, the University Board, Harry Potter Club, Club Softball, Lunchbox Voodoo or GLAM Modeling, this is the perfect place to find your right fit.

The Greek organizations also use Pantherpalooza to get interested students excited for spring rush.

Joining an organization allows you to develop skills that you may not acquire otherwise. It may also allow you to eventually hold an executive board position, which is always great practice for the future.

Consider joining a group that will further your career as well. Several organizations, such as the American Marketing Association, the Eastern Entrepreneurs Student Organization, the Kinesiology and Sports Studies Club, and the Political Science Association, could help further develop your professional skills in your chosen field of study. These organizations may also help you realize that you do not like your chosen major. It’s better to try and find out now that you don’t enjoy it, then spend thousands of more dollars only to be disappointed after you graduate.

Joining a group is also a great way to meet new people. If you just transferred to Eastern this semester, or even if you didn’t, who couldn’t use more friends? It’s always nice to know that there are people on campus who share your interests. This also helps you have a sense of community. Being away from home can be overwhelming, and finding people with common interests can make all the difference. People you meet in academic-related organizations may also come in handy when you’re struggling through that history class and you need a study buddy.

Getting involved on campus is a great way to spend your time. Organizations can keep you plenty busy, between meetings and any events members may be planning. It’s not a bad idea to keep yourself busy in college, but make sure you don’t join too many groups.

Go to Pantherpalooza and sign up to get more information from whatever groups may interest you. If you change your mind after, you can say no. But this is the best way to find out how to be involved on campus. Pantherpalooza is from 4-7 p.m. Wednesday in the Grand Ballroom of the Union.

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