‘Pastries with the Prez’ planned by Student Senate

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

The Student Senate made plans for events while talking about policies and goals at its meeting Wednesday in the Arcola-Tuscola Room in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Student Body President Shirmeen Ahmad encouraged senators to come up with two goals they had already achieved, and told them to keep going with their plans for the next eight weeks.

Student Vice President of Academic Affairs Stephen Simpson passed around a signup sheet for the next “Prowling with the Prez” event to be called “Pastries with the Prez.”

The event will be at Java Beanery and Bakery, and Java has taken care of the food and the drinks for the event, with the Union taking care of marketing.

Senators will be able to get office hours based on the number of people they bring to Prowling with the Prez.

Senator and Academic Affairs committee chair Jose Durbin said his committee was working on a project where they were going to be passing out airheads and blowpops during midterm week.

When the senators pass out the candies, they will be talking to students about what they want to see from student government.

“We want to bring positive notes to midterms, we want to give them encouragement to do well,” Durbin said.

Speaker of the Senate Maralea Negron said she was proud of the work she has seen senators do during their office hours.

“I saw quite a few of you today, it really makes me very excited when I hear you guys collaborating, getting your ideas out, getting information from one another,” Negron said. “That’s really what student government is all about.”

Negron said although each senator was in a different committee, student government works as team.

Negron talked about changing the bylaws on attendance policies.

“We’re trying to hold you guys a little bit more accountable when it comes to your committee meetings,” she said.

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