Country crooner gives shout out to “Illinois”

Rose Sacco, Verge Designer

Hailing from Paris, Ill., country artist Brett Eldredge is all about letting his fans know he is proud of where he was born and raised.

That is why it comes as no surprise his newest CD, released Sept. 11, is aptly titled “Illinois.”

With songs on it such as “Fire,” where he sings about how awestruck he is over a beautiful, devilish woman he recently met, it is hard to put this CD on and not want to dance and sing along.

He also teams up with fellow country artist Thomas Rhett in “You Can’t Stop Me” where they sing about how exciting and happy their lifestyle is.

They sing about how “the roof is on fire, so turn up the heat, all my friends are here, but the drink’s on me.”

Eldredge warns listeners that you can try to tame him, but you really cannot stop him.

One of the more heartfelt and relatable songs is “Illinois.”

The lyrics perfectly paint a vision of central Illinois: “I come from the heart of the Heartland, where pictures shows where the corn grows, in rows and rows of summer greens, and winter snows, and it goes on, through the crack of the bat,” Eldredge said.

Eldredge’s “Illinois” is an all around happy-go-lucky upbeat-feeling production.

His first single from the new CD, “Lose My Mind,” is a hilarious tale of how bittersweet it is for him to be falling for a girl who makes him feel crazy.

Even though, Eldredge is literally singing about being in a straight-jacket, somehow he makes the song so perky and entertaining that you almost want to switch places with him.

Overall, I believe this is Eldredge’s best album.

I can foresee him earning different awards in the future because of it.

His ability to make any type of song catchy will make even non-country fans want to buy this CD.

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