Student Government to appoint committee members, chairs

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

The student government will appoint committee members and committee chairs and vote on approving new Registered Student Organization in their meeting at 7 p.m in the Arcola-Tuscola rooms of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union, Wednesday.

Maralea Negron, the student speaker of the senate, said the senators would say what committees they would like to be a member of and they try to work around that.

Negron said some of the things they think about when choosing chairs are who has sat on the senate longer, who has more expierience, what leaders stand out and what qualities they have.

Some questions they ask at interviews include: What interested them in serving as committee chair, their plans for the committee, how they will motivate committee members and the most important aspect of being a leader.

“We try to work around what they like to be active in,” Negron said.

She said the main focus of the meeting would be putting people in the committees.

“I have my opinions and then I’m going to present who I think would best fit, and we’re going to discuss it,” Negron said.

The committee chair is the one who oversees the committee they are a part of. The leaders of these committees can change from semester to semester.

“Committee chairs will change just because we go through the application process,” Negron said.

There are eight committees. These are academic affairs, student affairs, business affairs, internal affairs, diversity affairs, external relations, university enhancement, and alumni relations.

Each committee has a role in student government. For instance, The external relations committee enhances the relationship between the university and Charleston.

University enhancement finds ways to make Eastern more environmentally friendly, such as double-sided printing.

“Each committee will take on individual projects throughout the semester,” Negron said. “Last semester, diversity affairs sent out a survey asking students how they felt diversity was being implemented in the classroom.”

Senator’s work on these projects during their office hours.

Negron gave the example of a committee working on a project to clean up Charleston and trying to get each RSO to adopt a street in Charleston to keep clean.

“They would come in here and work on contacting RSOs that are interested, and stuff like that,” Negron said. “That would full under their hours they would have to do.”

Instead of having senators do hours this week, they filled out surveys on how on how they think orientation went and a sheet of possible ideas they had for the committees.

“All of the ideas student government works on comes from the senators and the students,” Negron said.

The other new business is the student senate will vote on are new RSOs.

Three or four senators, who missed the last meeting, are expected to be sworn in at this meeting.

A student representative for the college of science grade appeal committee would be approved as well and the student who fills this position will sit on the committee for their college.


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