Movie to give perspectives on Latin American community

T'Nerra Butler, Multicultural Editor

University Board and Latin American Studies are collaborating to put on a presentation of the movie “McFarland USA,” at 7 p.m. Thursday, in the Library Quad.

Juanita Cross, an academic advisor for gateway, coordinated the events for Latin American Heritage Month.

Cross said, “McFarland USA” was chosen because it gives a positive depiction of the Latin American community.

Gladys Valentin, the president of Latin American Student Organization, said the movie demonstrations students going to school and coming home to watch their parents work in fields.

Valentin said this often occurs in the Latin American culture, especially with men.

“Also, the movie shows dedication,” Valentin said. “Telling true stories about others that have struggled through the same issues and succeeded is inspirational for the new generations.”

Valentin said the goal of this movie is to remind people of the strength and determination of Latinos and how their hard work helps to overcome all obstacles.

Julia Abalos, LASO’s public relations coordinator, said the movie shows a realistic view on the Latin American culture.

“It’s a very universal movie and anybody can relate to it and find interest in it,” Abalos said. “It reaches different audiences because of its cast so people who do not know much about the Latino culture can learn more about the community.”

Abalos said she wants people to know what it is like to be in the Latin American community.

She said “McFarland USA,” lets students in by telling them the struggles of the Latin community, and how those problems can be solved.

“People in the movie have to go through different struggles but also at the same time is shows that we are striving to find success in our lives, just like anyone else,” Abalos said.

Abalos said to her, playing a film showcasing resolutions in the Latin American community instead of problems in the community, may help people understand any misconceptions about Latin Americans.

“They will see our culture shine through and for us to have that exposure means a lot to me,” Abalos said.

Abalos said movies are universal and can be shared by people with different backgrounds. She said it brings a sense of diversity and not by ethnicities.

“It’s seeing a group of people who are in a different socio-economic status and it’ll bring different kinds of diversity other the simple race and ethnicities,” Abalos said.

Valentin said it is a remarkable thing to see an honest depiction on the Latino American community.

“This film makes me feel like people from Hollywood are wanting to get to know more about the Latino culture and wanting to present it to all over the world,” Valentin said. “Also to see how others help Latinos and not give up on them.”


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