Mediafest to showcase all forms of student media

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

Students will get to learn about how to get involved in student media and internships at Mediafest at 3:30 p.m. in Buzzard Hall on the second floor atrium, Thursday.

Liz Viall, a Journalism professor, said Mediafest is chance for the students at Eastern to get to know about the student run media on campus, as well as other things.

Displays will be up for the Agency, which is the student run public relations firm, WEIU-TV, Hit-Mix, The Daily Eastern News, and the Warbler.

Viall said she believes the Vehicle, Eastern’s literary magazine, will be there as well.

“Mostly Mediafest is there to show students the different things they can do,” Viall said. “If they’re interested in photography, they could work for the Warbler or the DEN.”

There is an internship panel at 4 p.m. where students from different kinds of media would talk about what kind of internships they have, and how they got them.

One of these students is Danielle Tadlock, a senior journalism major, who interned at Chicago Agent Magazine as a design intern.

Tadlock said she’ll be talking about her experiences as an intern and how much she learned.

“I’ll talk about moving up to Chicago,” she said. “I had never been there before.”

Other internships students will be talking about are Univision Communications, one of the largest media companies serving the Hispanic population, and WXRT, a popular Chicago radio station that has been active since the 1970s.

Tadlock said the Society of Collegiate Journalists, which she is president of, would have a booth as well.

“We started doing it because the department kind of changed the way they welcome new students,” Viall said.

The department used to have a meeting at the beginning of the fall semester where the faculty would talk and have tables outside of The Daily Eastern News.

“We decided to do Mediafest to make sure people knew about all the different publications,” Viall said. “We did have quite a few people come and especially the internship panel was well attended.”

The freshman and transfer students will meet right before Mediafest and the professors are going to tell them about the Journalism Department.

“I think we’re kind of targeting our audience a little bit better,” Viall said.

Mediafest is open for all majors, not just journalism.

“I have invited communication studies students, but we’re also interested in marketing and advertising students coming,” Viall said. “Anyone who wants to come can.”


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