Caplin prepared to prove herself for Women’s soccer

Maria Baldwin, Staff Reporter

To say sophomore center back Carrie Caplin moved a lot growing up would be an understatement. When she was young, her family relocated from Texas to Louisiana then on to Georgia, Michigan, and New York, then moving back to Georgia before finally settling down in Illinois.

It would have been hard for a young girl to become adjusted in so many locations, but soccer became a constant and reliable source of friendship and commitment in her life from an early age.

Her transition to college was just as nerve-racking as it is for any other freshman Division 1 athlete trying to make a name for them.

‘’I was nervous at first, because I did not know what to expect coming in, and pre-season practices are really hard because of the fitness tests we have to pass,’’ Caplin said.

Despite the pre-season struggles that all athletes know well, Caplin found that being with her teammates and the instant friendships created made her feel at ease at practice.

As a sophomore, Caplin said her strength on the field is her communication with her teammates.

Caplin said if she can be there vocally for the team and keep them motivated she feels her job as a center back is fulfilled.

Caplin added that she knows what it takes to become a bigger defensive force for Eastern this fall and would like to become quicker. She said she plans to focus more in the weight room with this in mind.

So far this season Caplin has one assist and one shot.

Coach Jason Cherry said he is happy with how Caplin has performed this season.

‘’Carrie has an outstanding attitude, is a great teammate, works extremely hard every day, and is competitive. Carrie is a technical player, which makes her extremely good on the ball. She is also phenomenal in the air,’’ Coach Cherry said.

Cherry is excited about Caplin’s fitness level, which showed in the last couple games.

‘’Carrie had a strong weekend overall and each game she gets better,’’ Cherry said. ‘’Her physical ability in the back has really helped our team. One thing that really stood out to me was the way Carrie connected with the midfield and forwards to start the attack for us.’’

Caplin said the Panthers are an underdog in this year’s Ohio Valley Conference and the team is hoping to show the other teams in the conference what they can do.

‘’I’m excited for conference overall, we’re ranked low and I want to prove to everyone that the outcome is not going to be that way.’’ Caplin sad.

The women’s soccer team plays this Friday at Lakeside Field against Bowling Green at 3 p.m.


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