Coles County property taxes nearing completion

Tony Komada, Online Editor

Coles County property taxes are planned to be due in August because of a nearly two-month delay in processing this year, said Sue Rennels, Coles County Clerk.

“I’ve only had (the property taxes paperwork) for 10 business days,” Rennels said.

Rennels has sent property tax figures to the various entities around Coles County that will be receiving funding. The entities, such as local schools, may ask for corrections before property taxes get finalized.

Rennels said she is waiting for one entity currently and estimated that her stage of the three-step process will be done in a few more weeks.

Those who choose to pay half of their property taxes in August will need to pay the second half of their taxes in September.

A specific date in August for property taxes to be due has not be established yet.

Karen Biddle, supervisor of assessments, had a difficult time adjusting to her new position this year, which caused property taxes to be about two months late.

The first stage in property tax creation is typically finished by April, but was not completed this year until the end of June.

After Rennels is finished with the second stage of property tax creation, the tax information will be sent to George Edwards, Coles County Treasurer, who will establish due dates and send out tax information.

The property tax delay has caused problems for local schools.

Jim Littleford, superintendent of Charleston schools, had to ask for a tax anticipation warrant line of credit to make up for the absent funding.

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