‘Above and Beyond’ celebrates past professors


Tony Komada

Jeff Boshart (left) and President David Glassman (right) speak to patrons at the art show, talking in part about the piece in the middle of the show, which incorporates styles from each of the emeritus professors.

Tony Komada, Online Editor

The “Above and Beyond” art show for emeritus professors kicked off Sunday at the Tarble Arts Center, with the artwork remaining on display until Aug. 2.

Jeff Boshart, a retired Eastern art professor, organized the art show. He said seven professors participated in the art show, each setting up about 25-30 pieces.

“This show is about organization,” Boshart said.

He said the biggest challenge in setting up the art show was getting the artwork to the Tarble building.

Some of the art is 50 years old and has been outdoors since being created, requiring Tarble staff to polish off tarnish, rebuild bases of artwork, and treat any pests that have made the artwork their home.

Boshart said in the past emeritus professors were given their own art show after retiring, but many of the professors participating in this show did not have their own show.

Suzan Braun, an emeritus professor who retired about five years ago, said she enjoyed seeing artwork from various faculty members all at one time.

Braun’s pieces at the show displayed the progression of her art style, moving from lighter, neutral weaving artwork to more colorful weaving that used different types of fabric, such as polyester.

“Above and Beyond” is dedicated to Sue Rardin, the former office administrator of Eastern’s art department who died in March.

“Sites Unseen,” an exhibit of paintings and drawings by Kasey Ramirez, began at the Tarble Arts Center on Saturday and will continue through July 19.

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