CAA prepares courses for Fall 2015 semester

Derrin Coad, Staff Reporter

The Council on Academic Affairs will discuss the alterations of several courses during their weekly meeting Thursday in Room 4440 of Booth Library.

The CAA has been discussing class changes at their meetings in recent weeks in order to prepare changes to the Fall 2015 semester catalog.  At the council’s meeting last Thursday, eight courses saw changes to their prerequisites, while several family and consumer sciences courses received name changes.

This week’s CAA meeting will have the council members discussing even more alterations and changes to a number of different courses, including the addition and deletion of several courses.

Christopher Mitchell, the interim associate dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, has put in several memos to the CAA to add a class each to the film studies minor and the women’s studies minor.

Mitchell said these sorts of changes to the catalog are usually minor and quite common in the span of the academic year.

“Adding a course to a curriculum gives the student in that particular curriculum more options,” says Mitchell.

Two history courses will also be discussed from Mitchell’s memo. The two classes may be deleted from the fall catalog.

Mitchell said the deletions, like many other class deletions discussed by the CAA, is because a department might not have faculty available to teach the courses.

“Since departments continually refine and reassess their curriculum in light of the staff they have, this is part of the normal course of events,” Mitchell said.

On top of acting upon the memos Mitchell put before the council, the CAA will also discuss revising two different business classes, as well as the addition of a new Rural Studies minor. The requirements to the Psychology Honors program will also be placed under revision.

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