Students ‘pop’ questions, discussion for Perry

Abigail Taylor, Staff Reporter

Eastern’s Student Government and the Housing and Dining Committee paired up for “Popcorn with the Prez” Wednesday at Thomas Hall.

“Popcorn with the Prez” allows President Perry to have direct communication with students and to know what is going on around campus.

Each residence hall had its own booth with different presentations describing their hall.

Missy Stone, a freshman communications major, said talking to President Perry was not difficult.

“He got to know us,” she said. “It made it a lot less awkward to talk with him.”

President Perry said he enjoys coming to events like these.

Shirmeen Ahmad, the student vice president of academic affairs, planned the gathering.

Student Government plans an event with the president each month for different organizations of Eastern to interact with President Perry, such as “Pastries with the Prez” and “Put-Put with the Prez.”

Ahmad said the students and community members come together with President Perry and he gets a feel for what is going on around campus.

“He does care,” she said. “It is our education and he cares about it.”

Ahmad also said it is stressful to plan, but the hard work pays off after the event takes place.

There had been six events this year so far and there are only two left with the president.

Ahmad said she hopes the last installment will be a memorable one for students.

“I hope more people attend the last one,” she said. “It will be a send off for President Perry’s last event.”

As the final months of Perry’s presidency begin, students reflect on memories of him.

Ben Grapperhaus, a freshman biology education major, said he remembers President Perry welcoming him his freshman year.

“The day when the freshman class took their stadium picture, President Perry sat right next me and we talked the entire time,” he said. “It made me feel a lot more welcomed.”

Ashley Aoward, a senior psychology major, said President Perry left a lasting impression during sporting events.

“I won’t forget the blue wig he always wore to the football games,” she said. “Also when he high fived everyone.”

Perry said he is not sad about leaving Eastern, but excited to start a new chapter in his life.

Perry also took time to reflect on his favorite Eastern memories.

He said he likes the hectic feeling and fresh beginnings of move in day and the sweet goodbyes of graduation.

“Move in day, homecoming, and graduation day are my favorite memories here,” he said.

The next and final event, “Pictures with the Prez,” will be on March 26.

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