Deadline for scholarships approaches

Staff Report

The application deadline for most Eastern scholarships is coming up in March.

Local and “legacy” students, along with current students, are able to apply for these.

Applicants from Charleston High School or relatives of a Teachers College/Eastern State High School alumnus can apply for the TC High/Eastern State High School Alumni Scholarships.

For this scholarship, there is a minimum GPA requirement after completing 3.5 years of high school, and applicants must “demonstrate personal integrity and leadership,” according to a press release.

The deadline to apply is March 23.

Legacy Scholarships require that applicants be children, step-children or grandchildren of an Eastern graduate, and they must meet the minimum GPA requirements and “demonstrate leadership as evidenced by involvement in extracurricular activities,” per the press release.

The deadline for this scholarship is March 15.

Also due on March 15 are applications for the EIU Annuitants Association Scholarship.

Like the others, this one requires a specific GPA. The applicant must be the undergraduate child or grandchild of a retired university employee and must demonstrate a financial need.

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