Reasons why students should join Greek life

Chris PIcazo

When people think Greek life, they often assume it involves nothing but constant drinking.

The media, especially film, has created a negative stereotype of Greek life that shows members of fraternities and sororities only partying, but the media has nev- er been wrong about Greek life.

There is so much more to it that people do not see, and it those reasons why people should think about joining Greek life.

Joining a fraternity or sorority can give a student many benefits, which cannot only help them now, but can open many doors in the future.

One reason to join Greek life is that it will create lifelong friendships and bonds. The friendships people can create within their pledge group is something that cannot be made with just any person.

Fraternities stress brotherhood, and it is important to take advantage of the time you have when you are pledging. You are going through something that oth- ers are going through as well, and it is in that time you become closer with your brothers.

My pledge class was only five members, including myself, and those four people are some of the best friends I have ever had, and I know I can go to them for anything and vice versa.

Joining a fraternity and sorority can also help students with their academics while at school.

Greek life stresses the importance of academic excellence and it can provide many resources to help students excel in school.

It can be from renting a room at the library to study or asking someone who has taken the class before or is the same major. With many members in a chapter, there is bound to be others who study something similar, and people are always willing to help.

It is also a little known fact that members of Greek life have a graduating rate of 70 percent compared to 50 percent of non-Greek life students.

Fraternities and sororities also allow leaderships roles for students to take a larger role for their chapter.

Whether it is an executive or an administrativeposi-tion, students will learn many skills that can benefit them in the future.

These roles allow for members to take initiative and help guide other students, and they look excellent on a resume. Joining Greek life can also benefit students greatly after college. When looking for a career, mem- bers of fraternities or sororities have opportunities to communicate with alumni.

Alumni will always help a brother or sister with something because Greek life is not just connections for a four-year period. They are connections made for a lifetime.

Many corporations in the United States also have CEOs who are a part of Greek life and when searching for future jobs, Greek life is an easy connection to be made. Being a part of Greek life is much more than what most people really think it is.

The media can create a negative image of Greek life actually is, which may turn students away, but there are many advantages that are not seen.

Students should think about joining a fraternity or sorority while they are in college because the benefits that come with it can lead to better academics and an incredibly bright future.

Chris Picazo can be reached at [email protected].