Musicians ‘rock out’ to raise awareness of sexual assault


Mackenzie Freund

Everyone was on the dance floor during the Moondogs performance during the Rock Out Against Rape event on Friday at the Top of the Roc.

Mackenzie Freund, Staff Reporter

The Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Service paired up with the Top of the Roc for the Rock Out Against Rape fundraiser Friday.

SACIS has hosted similar fundraisers, but this is the first time the group has put on Rock Out Against Rape.

Erin Walters, the executive director for SACIS, said the main goal was to raise awareness in the Charleston community that sexual assault happens, even though some may not hear about it.

“Our plan is to make this an annual event, and hopefully there will be a good turn out that we can build on from one year to the next,” Walters said.

Many of the items in the auction were items made and donated by people living in the Charleston community.

The items included hand carven wooden spoons, crocheted scarves, jewelry, and many other hand made items.

As the night progressed, more and more people began to show up to support the cause.

Not long after the event officially began, Reverend Robert went up on stage and began to play mellow, old rock songs with an alternative twist.

As Reverend Robert performed, more people began to bid on the items that were up for auction.

Reverend Robert said he is always glad to play shows like this because it turns into a good social atmosphere, while also supporting a good cause to fundraise for.

Reverend Robert’s set ended, and part of the Moondogs went up on stage to play a set with him to keep the music flowing through the Top of the Roc.

Once their set was done, Reverend Robert went into the crowd to socialize with other people, and the rest of the Moondogs went up on stage.

Before the Moondogs began to play, Walters stepped up on stage to challenge the people in attendance to stop victim blaming, and challenge the offender when they hear talk about sexual violence.

After Walters gave her speech, the Moondogs started to play again, and people danced and sang along with the cover songs they have come to know.

Amy Wettig, a Charleston resident, said the Moondogs are a great group who care about events such as Rock Out Against Rape.

Students, as well as Charleston residents, were in attendance throughout the night.

Sha Wilbern, a senior psychology major, said she was interested in attending because it helps people become more aware of what sexual assault is and teaches them the steps of how to stop it.

As the evening progressed, many people sat with friends and neighbors to talk about different topics going on in their lives and in the community.

Wettig said she loved going, but wishes more people would come out to support these kinds of events.

“It was a wonderful reason to get together, but I am always disappointed that it is not more crowded,” Wettig said.

Walters said he was pleased with those who attended.

“This is an opportunity to raise funds for our rape crisis center and put those funds towards services for our clients,” Walters said.

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