New electronic marquee promotes Eastern


Jarad Jarmon

A new marquee sign has been installed a little more than a week ago near Old Main at the intersection of Fourth Street and Lincoln Avenue. The $35,000 cost for the sign and the installation was purchased in the last fiscal year with a gift fund.

Bob Galuski, Editor-in-Chief

As students pass by Old Main, out on Lincoln Avenue, they pass an electronic marquee boasting images of Eastern, students and slogans.

The electronic marquee, and newest addition to the campus, appeared a little more than a week ago — just in time for Homecoming.

The marquee had been planned since August 2013, and was through a gift fund.

Robert Martin, the vice president for university advancement, said the decision to purchase the electronic sign was made in an effort to better promote Eastern to the community.

“Plus to proudly welcome alumni, potential students, graduating students families and more to EIU,” he said.

“It will also be used to promote events at the Doudna Fine Arts Center, commencement and other news we want to share with the community.”

Martin said the marquee, which he added had received positive comments about during Homecoming, was a cost effective way to promote Eastern, and was privately funded.

The sign and installation cost approximately $35,000, Martin said.

The Daktronics sign was purchased in the last fiscal year, August 2013, as a gift fund, and was installed by Indetiti Resources Limited of Schaumburg.

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