Rugby game postponed to later date

Bob Reynolds, Staff Reporter

The scheduled Eastern rugby game versus Life University at Lakeside Field on Saturday has been postponed to a later date, because neither team is at full strength.

Coach Frank Graziano, during the week, was trying to find another team to play on Saturday, but ultimately could not find one.

Graziano said the Life coach wanted to play his team when they are fully healthy.

With Katlyn Gibson going down last Saturday at Life University, the Panthers lost two more players early in the game. Sara Fisher and Brianna Young were both taken out of the game because of an injury suffered within the first three minutes of the game. The Panthers also lost Hannah Vieth in the second half.

Graziano said after losing those players early in the game, he felt his team lost some confidence.

“We needed some leadership on the field and we didn’t get it,” he said. “We did not get what we needed on the field. You can tell that they were hurting emotionally. We did not have a good second half, and basically chased them around the field all day long.”

Graziano added the first three or four minutes of the game, he felt like his team was doing fine until those players got hurt.

“We had to make too many adjustments,” he said. “We don’t have enough experience and enough leadership on the field to make those type of adjustments. But, that is part of the learning process and part of the maturity that we need out there.”

From an individual standpoint, Graziano said his team did some things well, but as a team they are still struggling to put all the parts together.

“There were a bunch of good things by some individuals done out there,” he said. “You can always find some good optimism even though the score presents itself as nothing optimistic. When you look into the video, you can find some good things.”

Graziano also pointed out that the newcomers made a ton of progress in the game against Life.

The Panthers have ten days before they head to Quinnipiac University on Oct. 18 to face-off against a former Panther alumni in Becky Carlson, who is the head coach of the Quinnipiac rugby team.

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