Summer days are drifting away

Megan Ivey, Verge Editor

As Tuesday officially marks the start of the fall season with the autumnal equinox, Charleston weather is about to see its prime.

The autumnal equinox means the day will comprise of a nearly equal amount of daylight and night.

While the equinox signals the transition of less daylight than we were used to in the summer, what we gain from the drop in temperatures is worth it.

Maybe you have already noticed the transition.

Do you take a deep breath as you leave class and feel at ease? 

Do you find yourself in awe at the noticeable amount of people roaming campus that were not there weeks before?

In a place such as Charleston, where the summers hit heat indexes and the winters produce what can seem to be non stop snowfall, fall is the season to thrive.

I am most excited to take the first couple of mild weathered weeks to explore the campus and Charleston.

Even with a hectic schedule, students can take advantage and appreciate the beautiful campus we attend. Spend any and all free time outside. 

A favorite is to grab lunch take it to the Doudna steps. Or spend any free time at the steps.

There you can eat, read or people watch, all while taking in the now less-offensive sunshine.There is more than the Doudna steps, however.

Too often I see no one spending time on the North and South Quads of campus.

The quads are for student use. Students should be using the green space as more than a route to get from one class to the next.

Bring a Frisbee or football to pass around with friends. 

Buy a kite and re-live your elementary school days. The possibilities are endless.

If you do not have free time, turn a task into one. Make studying more bearable by bringing a blanket and sitting under some shade. 

I think the best part of the season is having fun with the most simplistic hobbies.

Studying, walking and exploring can all be fun when you add fresh air and sunshine.

Yes, there are certain stereotypes that associate with fall (I’m sure my bank account will suffer with the amount of pumpkin spice lattes I purchase). Even so, they are stereotypes for a reason. 

This is one of the times I say jump on the bandwagon. Go apple picking. Carve pumpkins. Watch football. Plan a ton of coffee dates.

The stereotypical experiences are not bad if you can create lasting memories from them.

Megan Ivey is a sophomore journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].