RHA reviews leadership and ROCFest

Debby Hernandez, Administration Editor

The Residence Hall Association to deliberate leadership participation opportunities along with deciding ROCFest’s upcoming activities Thursday.

RHA president, Chrisitna Lauff asked members to join the Bond Revenue Committee, which will consist of three RHA and three student senate members.

The bound revenue committee consists of six members, whose role is to make decisions on room and board rates. Last year, they decided to raise washing machine rates to $1.75.

Lauff said the goal is to try to keep costs low.

She said this is the first year housing costs did not have to be raised.

RHA also consists of four committees including programming, social justice and diversity, community service, and community development.

As part of an RHA member requirement, all members must join one of the four committees.

Other leadership opportunities were announced in the meeting.

Mallory Winkeler, the national and Illinois Communication Coordinator informed members, about the Great Lakes Affiliation of Colleges and Universities Resident Halls conference, which will take place in October.

The conference, which will take place at Indiana State University, consists of regional RHA leaders joining to bounce around leadership ideas and participate on hands on activities.

RHA Secretary Jack Cruikshank invited members to join this year’s Camp New Hope leadership retreat.

The retreat is open to anyone interested and will take place on Oct. 3 in Mattoon.

RHA executive board informed members about ROCFest, explaining each individual event.

This year, ROCFest will be from Sept. 22 through 26, with a theme based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

RHA vice president Kadie Peterson said, ROCFest will kick off with a hall window painting contest and the boat relay race on Monday, followed by a bingo game on Tuesday, a zombie tag game on Wednesday, a twelve hour scavenger hunt on Thursday, and ending with closing picnic on Friday.

RHA will meet at 5 p.m. Thursday in Lawson Hall.


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