College of Sciences offers grants for projects

Debby Hernandez, Administration Editor

The College of Sciences is offering students up to $500 of grant money for their creative works or research projects for either fall or spring semesters.

College of Sciences undergraduate and graduate travel and research grants offer financial assistance to qualified College of Science majors who will be presenting creative works at any conference under the travel grant, or will be conducting research during the school year under the research grant.

So far only one student has applied for the travel grant and two for the research grant, said Angie Rhoads, assistant dean for administrative services from the college of sciences.

Rhoads said, last year 33 students applied for the travel grant, while only 18 applied for the research grant.

 “This is our second full year with the grants,” Rhoads said.

She said applications are on-going due to different traveling times throughout the year.

The funds provided may be used to cover expenses such as travel and supplies related to the student’s research, and are given based on the quality of the application received.

According the College of Sciences website, both of these grants are for reimbursement of documented expenses of up to $500.

Contribution from the candidate’s department is also encouraged.

Research projects are typically done in collaboration of a faculty member, Rhoads said.

Requirements for the research grant include evidence that they will be conducting a formal research such as a one page outline of the topic with data analysis, a letter from the candidate’s faculty mentor, and a travel application if the student is a university employee and will require travel for the research.

Students applying to the travel grant must be enrolled at the university during the term the project was presented, provide documentation that the work was accepted to be presented, in 250 words or less describe the work presented, and provide a letter from the candidate’s faculty mentor, and complete a request for travel form and a travel voucher prior to their travel.

All students interested in the travel and research grants must complete an application available through the College of Sciences website under the student awards and scholarships tab.

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