Steeples has hearing for additional charges set for Tuesday

A Charleston man facing murder charges pleaded not guilty May 12 after the court found probable cause for his involvement in the death of Gina Giberson.

Larry Steeples motioned to exclude witnesses, however his motion was denied.

The defendant also demanded a trial by jury, which has been set for 9 a.m. July 28.

Steeples has been charged with first-degree murder in relation to the death of Gina Giberson, who was killed April 7 by multiple gunshot wounds.

Lupita Thompson, a court appointed special advocate, represented Steeples, after Anthony Ortega, the public defender that was court appointed.

Ortega announced before the Circuit Court Judge Mitchell Shick he believes he did find a conflict of interest in representing Steeples, since the public defender is currently or has previously represented two clients related to Giberson.

According to Illinois law, a conflict of interest occurs when an obligation a lawyer owes to a client is potentially compromised by obligations owed to another client, existing or former.

Steeples currently faces charges of three counts of murder with intent to kill or injure as well as three counts of murder with the strong probability to kill or injure.

A hearing for additional charges against Steeples, which involve Giberson, has been set for May 20 at 1 p.m.

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