RHA celebrates Social Justice and Diversity Week

The success of Social Justice and Diversity Week was the main topic of the RHA meeting on Thursday in Greek Court.

Two events remain on the association’s agenda to celebrate social justice and diversity.

The Wall of Oppression will be knocked down at 1 p.m. today on the North Quad in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Jake Nees, the president of RHA, said before the wall is torn down, students will be able to talk about it.

“It’s a really nice experience because the speakers always tie (the wall) in so well,” Nees said. “Being a part of the group that pulls down the barriers between individuals is an awesome experience.”

Although building the wall was Nees’ favorite event of the week, he said he and other members look forward to knocking it down this year.

He said the event will hit closer to home than previous years because students are invited to share their own experiences.

“Beforehand, (students) can tell personal stories or read poems about different words that offend them,” Nees said.

RHA members also encourage students to attend their final opportunity to visit the Tunnel of Oppression at 7-9 p.m. today in the basement of Carman Hall, where they will experience oppression firsthand.

RHA members are invited to attend the National Association of College and University Residence Hall (NACURH) conference on June 1st in Boulder, Colo.

There are still open positions for the NACURH regional board of directors to represent Illinois. NACURH is the largest student run organization in the world.

The RHA members discussed what other events are available for students in early April.

McKinney Hall will host an open mic night on April 10 and Eastern’s 2012 Relay for Life will take place on April 13 at the Panther Trail.

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