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City works to repair winter potholes

After the winter storms and freezing temperatures, last week’s weather gave the Charleston maintenance road crews time to fix some of the potholes in town.

“The severe winter storms have taken a toll on Charleston streets,” said Quincy Combs, the street department superintendent.

Combs said maintaining and repairing the streets has been “really hard.”

The street department is focused on repairing the streets, especially fixing the potholes, Combs said.

Potholes are caused by many different factors such as moisture or freeze-thaw action Combs said.

“The severe winter storms have caused more potholes than normal,” Combs said.

Combs said he and his crew of 10 men have been “aggressive” in repairing the holes.

Potholes are a danger to drivers because they could damage their vehicles, said Melvin Schwenke, the manager of Neil Tire in Charleston.

If a motorist did hit a pothole a certain way, it could cause his or her tires to blow off, or a pothole could throw off the alignment of a car, Schwenke said.

He said students should have a mechanic examine their car if they think a pothole has damaged their car.

Though, Schwenke said he has not seen any customers with pothole damages.

He did say a lot of customers came in his shop right after the storm, but he has not seen any weather-related damages recently.

If a student wishes to report a pothole, they should call or e-mail Combs at the Charleston Public Works.

Once a pothole is reported, the city will fix the hole within two business days.

Though, Combs said the crew has tried to take the initiative in finding all the potholes themselves.

Combs said his crew is focusing on the streets with the most traffic first.

He said alleys and secondary streets will be fixed, but only after the main streets are repaired.

“We will get to the alleys and secondary streets,” Combs said.

When Combs crew fixes a pothole they will patch up the hole, but the repair is only temporary.

Combs said the pothole will be fixed faster once the ground is dry.

Combs said the city budget was prepared for repairing streets after the winter storms, but not for the damages that were caused by the severe winter storms.

Elizabeth Edwards can be reached at 581-7943 or [email protected].

City works to repair winter potholes

City works to repair winter potholes

A pothole in a parking lot near the Burl Ives Art Studio Hall reflects the campus water tower. The city is working to repair each pothole throughout the streets of Charleston. (Jordan Boner


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