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Concert offers learning experience

The Doudna Fine Arts Center played host to the Musical Montage, a faculty performance of various pieces of classical music Friday.

Richard Robert Rossi, conductor and music director, and Anna Cromwell, instrumental division director and assistant professor of violin and viola, performed several songs including works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Rossi began the concert by himself on the organ before moving onto piano, while Cromwell played violin.

Rossi said he loved playing in Doudna, developing a connection with a quiet and engaged audience, and expressing a passion for his art.

“We are so used to flipping through radio stations or changing the iPod,” said Rossi, “…it’s important to develop a variety of colors and sounds for the audience.”

Before the concert began the audience was given a brief speech on concert etiquette, including silence, absolutely no use of cell phones and when to applaud. Several of the songs were broken into parts and had breaks in between.

Rossi said it was important for audience members to clap at the end of a song rather than during the breaks. Doing otherwise could cause a musician to lose focus.

Janine Means, freshman music major, said she enjoyed the concert. “I really like classical music,” Means said, “It’s a good learning experience… As a music ed major, I could recommend that piece to a student, and I don’t even know anything about piano. It’s all about building your repertoire.”

Rossi, who is also Means’ choral instructor, said there can be a lot of expectation for shows like this.

“At this point in your life, you’re expected to be able to play like we did: professionally. You especially have to be prepared to perform for your students and your peers and make sure you practice what you preach,” Rossi said.

Means said the show sounded a lot more professional than the student recitals she had been to. She said she was glad to be able to enjoy and appreciate the music with other people who enjoy it as well. Rossi hoped to reach people with his music.

“If I can touch the heart of one audience member we’ve achieved something, possibly something life changing, who knows.” he said.

While Cromwell declined to comment, Rossi said she was “amazing and one of the reasons he stays here.”

Seth Schroeder can be reached at 581-7942 or [email protected].

Concert offers learning experience

Concert offers learning experience

Richard Robert Rossi, director of orchestral and choral activities, plays Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 13 in the Dvorak Concert Hall in the Doudna Fine Arts Center on Friday. Rossi’s performance was titled Musical Montage and was a


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