‘Child Please’ defeats ‘Purple Jelly’ to be champs

The All-Campus Intramural Dodgeball championship was held at the Student Recreation Center Wednesday. The championship matchup featured teams Child Please and Team Purple Jelly.

To get to the championship, both teams had to succeed in the semifinals.

In the semifinal matches, Child Please defeated The Firm 3-2 and Team Purple Jelly defeated Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3-2.

After the wins in the semifinals, each team advanced to the championship.

During game one both teams played a very conservative style of play. Both teams seemed to be waiting for the other to make the first move.

After a while, both teams appeared to be frustrated with each others lack of offense.

When a Team Purple Jelly player was called out for rolling a ball, the team began to argue the call with the referee. With the team’s attention focused away from the game, Child Please was able to use this distraction to their advantage, allowing them to take out two Team Purple Jelly players.

At the 1:30 minute mark, Team Purple Jelly began an offensive assault on Child Please with balls flying from every direction, but was still unable to take an advantage. Child Please won game one putting them up 1-0.

During game two Child Please team member Nate Farber entered the game after being absent from game one. Farber immediately made his presence known with his defensive ability.

Team Purple Jelly ran into more problems with the referees when another Team Purple Jelly player was called out for spiking the ball into the ground.

Team Purple Jelly’s frustration became more and more apparent as the game continued.

Team Purple Jelly tried to channel its anger and turn it into positive offensive production, but Farber caught a ball with 15 seconds left, securing the win for Child Please to take a 2-0 series lead.

At the start of game three no one from Team Purple Jelly rushed to the center line to grab any balls.

Child Please began arguing with the referees after a discrepancy over a Team Purple Jelly player supposedly not being called out.

The referee declared the Child Please captain eliminated for his team’s lack of cooperation.

Despite getting a chance to stay in the game, team Purple Jelly seemed to still lack a sense of urgency to get back in the game.

Child Please member Mike Witkowski was eliminated with just about 20 seconds to play, tying the game again. Then, with three seconds to play, Farber made a jumping catch to secure a

Child Please victory and the All-Campus Championship.

“I know we were up two games, but we just wanted to get it over with,” Farber said. “I wanted to go for the grand slam, and I just had a huge adrenaline rush going through me.”

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