Leadership retreat open to students

Greek Court hosted this week’s Residence Hall Association meeting, where members discussed plans for their upcoming leadership retreat.

On Oct. 15 to 17 Eastern students are welcome to camp out all weekend long with the hope of learning new leadership skills.

The retreat will be in Mattoon at Camp New Hope.

Michael Frisby, a junior sociology major and RHA retreat coordinator, said the retreat focuses on teaching students skills they can share with their residence halls.

Students will learn about new programs and activities for their residence hall.

Frisby also mentioned that on-campus residents are not the only students who can benefit from the retreat. Students can use the skills that are taught in all aspects of their lives.

Leadership programs, speeches, icebreakers and diversity discussions are among the activities the RHA has planned for the retreat.

Ashley Copple, a sophomore business major who attended the retreat last year, said the diversity discussion was a highlight of the retreat.

Copple said, “(feelings about other races) just came out of it and it was really personal.”

Meeting new people and developing new friendships is a goal for everyone who attends the retreat, Copple said.

“You leave with so many more friendships than before,” Copple said.

Another activity, the nightly campfires, will allow students to get to know each other and have some free time.

Mark Hudson, RHA adviser and director of University Housing and Dining Services, reminded members that there will be s’mores available.

The programs are designed to teach students skills about problem solving and handling different situations.

“The programs really speak to you,” Copple said.

RHA will provide cabins for students, along with meals for the weekend.

Students will have three meal swipes deducted from that week in order to pay for the retreat.

Oct. 6 is the deadline to sign up for the retreat.

RHA members encourage any Eastern student who is interested to attend.

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