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Villains just want to have fun

With hopes of someday becoming famous musicians, the four members of Friday Night Villain realized the difficulties of the music industry and set other goals in case the band’s dream does not become a reality.

Although the band usually plays for a minimal or no charge, the members feel they have earned more than money could have bought. The band will charge $3 at its 8 p.m. show today at Mac’s Uptowner.

“Some of the best times I will remember in school is the social aspect,” said Justin Kramer, senior history major and Friday Night Villain bassist. “It’s like an escape. You have your classes and everything that is going on during the week, and when you have a show coming up on Friday, it’s something to look forward to.”

Many of the band’s song lyrics come from inside jokes or goofing around, but the members said the lyrics are what make the band unique from other performers.

“We could sing about love or the topics every other musician sings about, but our lyrics are about other things like birthday parties. Would any of those musicians ever sing about that?” Kramer said. “That’s what makes us stand out.”

However, the exclusive sound makes it tricky to explain.

“Describing the type of music we play is always the hardest question,” Kramer said. “I had someone once call it indie-fun.”

The band finds it difficult finding places to perform, but often plays at local house parties and bars.

“It’s especially hard to play in a college town because of the lack of places to perform at,” Kramer said. “Music dwindles. Many of the bars we play at are on the square and people don’t want to walk as far during the winter.”

The members agree they enjoy playing at house parties because of the wide age range.

“When we go to a bar, sometimes it’s difficult because our friends that are under 21 can’t get in,” said Travis Bayler, a senior psychology major and the band’s drummer.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Bayler said. “We want to provide something a little different for people to do.”

The band has played together for 2 years, except for Justin Hays. Hays, a Southern Illinois University alum and keyboardist in the band, entered this past June.

While the other members play in the band as a hobby, Hays wants to pursue his career as a performer.

However, he said he is not worried about the success of Friday Night Villain because he plays multiple instruments and is in another band.

“Our stage presence is amazing,” Hays said. “The more energy you give, the more the people give back.”

While some balance school, girlfriends or work, the most difficult part of being in a band is maintaining a schedule.

However, the group manages to practice for about eight hours a week at Hays’ house in Paris.

Eastern graduate Ross Deardoff started the band. He was the mutual friend of Kramer, Bayler and Josh Easton, a senior recreation administration major and Friday Night Villain’s vocalist and bassist.

Deardoff got everyone together and when he graduated, Hays gladly took his place.

The name Friday Night Villain came about after Deardoff wondered why his high school in Crystal Lake had a hero mascot and not a villain. Each week the high school would have a Friday Night Hero, but Deardoff wondered why there was not a Friday Night Villain, so he decided that would be the name of his band.

After playing battle of the bands at what is now the Panther Paw, the band played another show at the Legacy in Indiana. All members agreed that this was their most memorable moment on stage.

“When we walked in, the crowd was made up of all gothic people who we had never played for,” Easton said. “But their reaction wasn’t that bad.”

Although the band hadn’t normally played for that type of crowd, their night was a success.

“We felt so out of place, but it was one of our best shows that we played,” Easton said.

Friday Night Villain will release a CD Sept. 21.

For more information about the band, go to its Web site at

    Villains just want to have fun

    Villains just want to have fun

    Friday Night Villain’s song lyrics are inspired by inside jokes and goofing around. Some of the band’s songs include “Birfday Party,” “Wax on Words,” “Sweet Icing” and “Sink or Swim.” Robbie Wroblewski/On the Verge


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