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Last act for UB comedians

Daniel Kinno used to believe that laughter was the best medicine.

“I did until my dad got stabbed by a clown,” Kinno said.

A crowd of 70 at 7th Street Underground on Friday night waited for Red-Bull drinking sleep deprived comedian’s show.

Weather conditions did not stop the 26-year-old comedian from getting to Eastern Friday night. Kinno’s plane from Los Angeles to St. Louis was canceled the night before, so he had to rent a car in Chicago to drive down. His first rental car broke down on the road, so he had to rent a second one.

Kinno became a citizen of the United States a month ago. He was born in Russia and lived there until the age of 15 when his parents moved to the states.

Kinno had problems with the English language after he came to the United States. Kinno’s major inspiration for becoming a comedian was due to his high school professor of senior year, Miss Martin, who told him that comedy would help him speak English better.

He started doing comedy while studying physics at Santa Barbara. He left school after one year to pursue his comedy career.

“I can always go back to school,” Kinno said.

Just like the previous comedian, Eric Pollock, Kinno made reference to Eastern being so small that he wondered what people did for fun.

His material ranged from technology hurting people to info commercials, Dance Dance Revolution to ex-girlfriends. An old girlfriend asked him if he dreamt in Russian or English. In response to this Kinno said, “No, I dream in black and white, silent.”

The girlfriend dumped him two weeks ago, and he told the audience not to worry because it happens at every show.

Kinno’s favorite joke of his is usually the last joke he wrote.

His latest joke was about how “Law and Order” bothers him. Kinno can’t stand it when the law part interviews people, the citizens seem too busy to stop and talk to the detectives. Also when the detectives zoom in and clear up a picture, it is too fake, he said.

When Kinno had previously told gay jokes at another university, he had some hecklers in the crowd.

Here at Eastern, Kinno was annoyed during his performance when several audience members went to the restroom, so he started heckling them. Also when some members in the audience kept heckling Kinno, he would respond with “Shut up.”

Kinno had a lot of off censored jokes like race and sex. Kinno made reference to race relations not getting better because of sensitivity seminars pigeonholing on the stereotypes of different races. One of the jokes was about him calling a cheap sex line and masturbating to machine saying his name. Another one about how to pick up drunk girls in a bar. He realized that it never works, because the girl’s friend will come out like a ninja and stick up for the drunk girl. Kinno found it strange that Trojan condoms derived their name after something that broke apart and little men came out it.

During his act, Kinno talked about everyone around the world hating the United States. While he was on the road, he saw Canadians giving Americans dirty looks.

His response to that, “You got oil, we’ll free your people next.”

Kinno gets his inspiration from artists around him whether they are musicians, painters, or other comedians.

Kinno’s favorite show on MTV is “Pimp Out Your Ride.”

“That show is retarded,” said Kinno.

His joke was about the fact that the people who remodel the car put unnecessary things in the car, like a fish tank if the person worked in an aquarium. He wondered about that trend might work on another the show like “Extreme Makeover” where the people get plastic surgery. A woman comes out with breast implants and hooves since she lived on a farm.

Last act for UB comedians

Last act for UB comedians

Comic Dan Kinno, performs his set at the 7th street underground on Friday night. Kinno told jokes about issues ranging from illegal drugs to tampon comercials. (Jay Grabiec/The Daily Eastern News)


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