Knoop looks to keep up renovations, improve relations between city and EIU

City Council member Marge Knoop is running for reelection in hopes of continuing work on projects that began during her term in office.

Developments the city has done to the streets and sidewalks as a part of the five-year plan have been very advantageous to the city, Knoop said.

Charleston’s five-year plan has positive changes for the city and Knoop said she would like to be a part of doing more renovations to the city.

One aspect of city development Knoop believes needs to be considered is housing inspection. Knoop believes that if students believe their apartment or house is unsafe, they should be able to call the city and ask for it to be inspected by a city inspector.

“Sometimes kids do not always know what is safe and what isn’t,” Knoop said.

Another area that Knoop would like to work on is improving city relations with Eastern.

“We need a friendlier atmosphere with Eastern to let the students know they are a part of the community,” Knoop said.

Knoop currently sits on the External Relations Committee that includes members of Eastern’s Student Government and the City Council. Knoop believes this committee has helped the relationship between Eastern and the city in the last year because the students are able to voice their concerns.

Charleston could also use it to improve its business downtown on the square, Knoop said.

In decades past, the square was booming with businesses including large department stores and every storefront was full, she said.

“You can sit on the square and not have any business,” Knoop said.

The square needs to have businesses that attract students, she said.

Knoop has been a member of the city council for the past four years and has previously been on the county and the township board.

A total of six people are running for city council and the election will be held on April 3.