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Review Committee plans final recommendations

Todd Bruns is an institutional repository librarian who is working on the committee to review Workgroups no. 8 and 9’s proposals. He, along with biological sciences professor Billy Hung, will began work on writing a draft of the review committees final proposal which is due before Jan 15th.

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

December 10, 2017

With the final recommendations needing to be in by Jan. 15, the Workgroup Review Committee spent its meeting planning how to structure its proposal. The proposal was created from the committee reviewing Vitalization Project Workgroups No. 8 and 9`s recommendations over the last seven weeks. Members ...

Workgroup Review Committee looks at positives and negatives to college restructuring

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

December 3, 2017

As the deadline for the Workgroup Review Committee approaches, members took Friday’s meeting to discuss the positives and negatives of restructuring current colleges and about the addition of a University College. In its previous meeting, the committee discussed moving programs around enough so...

Workgroup Review Committee rejects ‘University College,’ explores possibility of health college

Stephan Lucas, the interim associate dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies and Douglas Klarup, interim dean of the College of Sciences, provided a dean’s view on the restructuring of colleges. They both agreed that starting a new college was not possible, but rearranging what Eastern already has could be done.

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

November 26, 2017

The Workgroup Review Committee focused on Workgroup no. 9’s proposal to create a “University College” and add a College of Health at its meeting Friday. Right now, Eastern has four academic colleges: the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Education and Professional Studies, the Colle...

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