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FEATURE PHOTO: Unwinding at the pavilion

FEATURE PHOTO: Unwinding at the pavilion

Raine Zhu, Photographer

June 18, 2019

Heather Davis, 42, and Hannah Hudson, 14, relax in the pavilion outside the Tarble Arts Center Tuesday afternoon. Davis said they come to the pavilion because it makes them feel peaceful. Hudson said they also usually bring lunch when they visit.

Having fun in the summer can be free, affordable

Alyssa Cravens, Staff Reporter

June 3, 2019

Summertime: the perfect opportunity to go on vacation, visit old friends or even take up a new hobby or two. Every year, I look forward to the break of the summer and the free time it allows. Though, after so long, the break can get boring, and I am ready for some fresh endeavors. This season...

Take a break, enjoy the spring

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor

March 24, 2019

One thing I love about spring is the fact that it seems to put me in so much of a better mood than I am in during fall and winter. I guess it is because the temperature is seemingly warmer, you are able to go outside without feeling like you are dying of frostbite and you can actually breathe without the...

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