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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

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Ryan Meyer

COLUMN: In defense of Coldplay’s early material

Ryan Meyer, Columnist March 11, 2022

Yeah, Coldplay is titling songs with emojis and have collaborated with the Chainsmokers, but damn is there a case to be made for their first four records. Their debut, “Parachutes,” gave the world...

Ryan Meyer

COLUMN: Why “Agoraphobia” by Deerhunter is the best song ever written

Ryan Meyer, Columnist March 4, 2022

I’ve had a song on repeat for what feels like an eternity now. I’m referring to Deerhunter’s “Agoraphobia,” a song that comes off as a traditional 2000s indie rock song but has come to represent...

creative outlet

Creative Outlet Ep. 8: Reviewing Spoon’s “Lucifer On The Sofa” with Matt Setnan

Ryan Meyer February 22, 2022

In this episode I got one of my oldest friends to come on the podcast and review what might be one of the best records of the year, Spoon's "Lucifer On The Sofa." We had a lot of fun talking about...

Ryan Meyer

COLUMN: Spoon’s newest release a 2022 highlight so far

Ryan Meyer, Columnist February 18, 2022

One of the records that might end up in best of 2022 lists kind of snuck up on me recently. I’m of course referring to Spoon’s latest and tenth record, “Lucifer On The Sofa.” The record has...

Ryan Meyer

COLUMN: Best love songs for Valentine’s Day

Ryan Meyer, Columnist February 11, 2022

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I looked up some of the best love songs ever and settled on a list by called “The 50 best love songs of all time” that grabbed me with its number one song,...

Ryan Meyer

COLUMN: Geese’s debut shows promise, maturity

Ryan Meyer, Columnist January 21, 2022

I’ve spent my day absorbing New York band Geese’s debut album “Projector,” and after months of only listening to “First World Warrior,” I’m kicking myself for not hopping on this train earlier. The...

COLUMN: An honest critique of Owl City

COLUMN: An honest critique of ‘Owl City’

Ian Stobaugh, Columnist October 4, 2021

A few nights ago, my friend invited me to their room to listen to "Owl City." We just wanted to go through the entire discography and see if we could find out if he deserved to be a one hit wonder. After...

creative outlet

Creative Outlet Ep. 3: Revisiting “Nevermind” 30 Years After Its Release

Ryan Meyer, Multimedia Reporter September 26, 2021

Episode 3 sees me looking at Nirvana's famous album 'Nevermind' in honor of its 30th anniversary.

Column: Dave Keuning’s best guitar solos

Ryan Meyer, Opinions Writer June 28, 2021

The Killers guitarist and solo artist Dave Keuning announced that he is releasing his second album titled, “Mild Case of Everything,” on Friday. This is very exciting news, given the strength of the...

Column: Looking forward to new music from the Killers

Ryan Meyer, Opinions Writer June 18, 2021

Last August, I wrote a column giving my opinions on the Killers’ latest album, “Imploding the Mirage.” The band has announced a follow-up album that is supposedly due for August, according to drummer...

Column: Pitchfork needs to reprioritize

Ryan Meyer, Opinions Writer June 2, 2021

The popular music review website Pitchfork is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The website is one of the most prominent in the music reviewing industry and holds its own with heavyweights like...

Column: Looking at The Kickback’s previous albums in anticipation of new music

Ryan Meyer, Opinions Writer May 20, 2021
I imagine after almost a four-year hiatus the band will sound even more developed and emerge from their break with another batch of amazing songs.
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