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STAFF PICKS: Best walk out song

Daily Eastern News “Staff Picks”
Daily Eastern News “Staff Picks”

With the start of the baseball season, the sports staff shared what would be their walk out song:

Zaria Flippin (Head Sports Editor): Who Run It by G Herbo

Coming from someone that used to play basketball for most of her life, a good hype song can be a factor on one’s performance.

If I had to pick a walk out song, it would have to be Who Run It by G Herbo.

Before every game, I have to listen to this song. G Herbo is creative with his lyricism, and the instrumental alone will get me hyped up.

Walk ups songs are supposed to be fun too, and G Herbo is one of a select few artists that doesn’t have many bad songs.

When the horns hit before Herbo starts, I start to feel a sense that whatever I’m getting ready to do is going to be just fine.

When the first line of the song is, “Who you think you ahead of? Not us,” the energy increases to an all-time high, my adrenaline goes up, and because of this, Who Run It would be my walk out song.

Luther Yoder (Assistant Sports Editor): Crooked Smile by J. Cole featuring TLC

I chose Crooked Smile because it has a good beginning that isn’t too hype to where I start swinging for the fences, but it’s still fun to where I would enjoy hearing it every time I come up to bat.

I think what matters the most in a walkup song is that you enjoy hearing it a lot because you will hear it every time you hit during a home game.

Since I enjoy hearing the song and I especially enjoy the beginning part of the song it would be a good song for me to get ready for my at-bat.

Another factor in a walkup song is that fans would be able to sing along to it as it plays. Since the words at the beginning are easy to understand fans would be able to sing along to it easily.

Payton Liggins (Sports Reporter): Outside by G Herbo featuring Glorilla and Mellobucks

I love all of G Herbo’s music, but this song on repeat gets me going. With the intense beat and powerful lyrics, this song definitely helps pump me up and get in the zone.

This is surprising to say but this song even helps me lock in even with school work. 

Before my track meets, this song was on repeat because of the energetic and intense vibe.

These artists really went bar for bar which they pair with a dominant beat. I already love Herbo, but adding Glorilla and Mellobucks added even more heat. 

Additionally, the themes of overcoming challenges and rising above adversity in the lyrics can resonate with athletes who are looking to push themselves to their limits and give their all during their performance. 

Overall, this song gives me power and motivation to do my absolute best at whatever I am doing.

Outside serves as a motivational anthem that helps boost confidence and set the tone. 

Gabe Newman (Sports Reporter): Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Unfortunately, I spent more time thinking about what my walkup song would be, than I did actually walking up to the plate in my days of playing high school baseball.

Given that, you only get about 20 seconds to hear your song, if that, I would have the main hook of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen as my walk-up song.

There are a couple reasons for this, besides it just being a great song. When I’m getting ready to step into the batter’s box, I want to be calm and locked in, not pumped up and tense.

Another One Bites The Dust is a constant, casual flow of musical greatness that gets me in the right headspace to go one one-on-one with the pitcher.

It also gives the fans a decent prediction as to what the outcome of the at-bat will be, as it’s most likely that I get blown away by a high and tight fastball that I swing through for strike three. 

Patrick Schmitz (Sports Reporter): Anthem Part Two by Blink-182

My walk-up song would be Anthem Part Two by Blink-182.  

This song is one of my favorite rock songs of all time but also has everything you want in a walk-up song. There is a good guitar riff in the beginning that people can nod their heads to. Then the lyrics are not difficult to learn and can easily be sung along to in a huge stadium.  

When I walk out to go hit, I want the fans to get up and help me get hyped. I want the fans to be in it as much as I am.  

This song also gets me super hyped by itself. There is just something about the guitar riff and the drum hits that makes me want to run through a wall. 

Overall, this song just gets me super hyped. It can get the fans into the game and prepare me to hit a homer. 

Cameron Thomas (Sports Reporter): Go Hard by Lil Baby

For my walk-up song, I would probably pick Go Hard by Lil Baby.

I listen to that song at the gym and I feel like it’s good for a gym setting and I think it would be good for a walk up as well.

It’s a good song and gets me locked in and when you are walking up to the box, you want to be as locked in as you can be. I also would pick Go Hard because of the name, it’s a little reminder in itself as well.

Go Hard is a good song if you want to focus on a task and it would be my top choice, and to switch it up as well put a rap song which is not the norm for baseball.

Lil Baby is a good artist as well so he has many songs that are great candidates as well but in the end, I would pick Go Hard as my walk-up song.

Aidan Cusack (Sports Reporter): Narco by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet

As far as walk-up songs go, Narco has to be among the most iconic. The song features blaring trumpets that have become somewhat of a meme in the sports world. 

Popularized by New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz, TikTok, and other social media apps started using the song in non-sports related videos. The song has now come to represent a sort of ‘getting the job done’ mentality.  

Atlanta Braves catcher William Contreras also uses Narco as his walk-up song.   

Most of the videos I see with this song are not sports related. Narco has transcended baseball and is now a cultural icon. 

At this point, Narco is the ideal walk-up song. It has a social media background, so it isn’t too corny when it’s played. The song also has significant meaning to the sporting world, being used in the MLB. 

Chloe Proffitt (Sports Reporter): All of the Lights by Kanye West featuring Rihanna

My walk out song would definitely be something by or with Rihanna.

I am a huge Rihanna fan, and she is probably my favorite artist. I listen to her music while I’m warming up before a race, but the hard part is picking which song I want to listen to.

Disturbia is one of my favorites; it’s beat really gets me hype. Not exactly a song by Rihanna, but she is featured along with Kanye West in Run This Town by Jay-Z, which is also in my pre-meet hype playlist.

In that playlist, one of the songs I make sure I listen to is All of the Lights by Kanye ft. Rihanna.

This song is my ultimate pre-meet hype song, so by default, I think All of the Lights would be my walk out song. 

The Sports Staff can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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